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Ministry Schedule

Am I the lector this week?

Ministry Schedule

We provide our Ministry Schedule here for you!

Click the link below to check it out! 

Interested in being a...

  • Lector - to proclaim the First and Second reading during the Mass. They are also called to read the Prayers of the Faithful.

  • Altar Servers - Assisting Father at the Altar, 3rd Grade and Above

  • Musician - Provide musical accompaniment, either vocal or instrumental, to the Mass.  

  • Usher - Guide and lead others in finding available seating, collection, and guiding communion lines.

  • Greeter/Ambassador - Provide a warm welcome to all parishioners as they enter for Mass. Also responsible for Mass count.

  • Working the Sound - Providing technical assistance with the sound system at Mass.

  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion - Distribute the Blessed Sacrament at Communion.

  • Rosary Leaser - Lead the Rosary before Mass

Ministry Schedule

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